Cryovolcanism: Molten Ice on Pluto?

Global enhanced-color view of Pluto, with Wright Mons location indicated at bottom. This is an edited, lower resolution version of a high resolution enhanced-color view of Pluto to ... Continue Reading →

Brain mapping for words, not images

For an explanation of the featured image, above, see page 4 of this article. Image from Nature Youtube Video on page 3: Three different brains map the same word meanings to similar ... Continue Reading →

Gravitational waves detected in 2015 prove Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

The year 2015 saw breakthroughs in two areas of astrophysics: radio astronomy and gravitational-wave astronomy. The first ever detection by scientists of gravitational waves was described ... Continue Reading →

Fast Radio Bursts from Outer Space Detected by Scientists

Image: Parkes Radiotelescope, New South Wales, Australia, where all but one FRB was discovered Fast Radio Bursts, another first: This time the FRBs repeated! The report of Fast Radio ... Continue Reading →

Did you miss “Ant-Man,” the 2015 movie?

VIDEO 1:56: Ant-Man, the movie, was one of 20 films on the short list for Hollywood’s 2015 Visual Effects Oscar. Definitions: myrmecology – scientific study of ants epigenetics ... Continue Reading →

How did research on sponges explain Darwin’s Paradox?

Image: Blue-violet Oscarelle (Oscarella lobularis) and blue encrusting sponge (Phorbas tenacior) in the Mediterranean Sea near Banyuls. Follow the link to see the annotations to this ... Continue Reading →

Who is Porifera, and could he/she really be 640 million years old?

VIDEO 2 min. 23 sec. Of the 5,000 (some say up to 10,000) species of sponges considered to have been identified, the above is just one example of the diversity within the Porifera phylum, ... Continue Reading →

Advanced LIGO Heard Gravitational Waves on Day One

Image: The LIGO Livingston [Louisiana] control room as it was during Advanced LIGO’s first observing run (O1). This panoramic was sewn together from several images. Image: Opened ... Continue Reading →

Ants don’t taste good, but their larvae and their dinner do.

Do you believe anteaters like to eat ants? Read this. When we were investigating characteristics of ants for our ant “ugh” counteraction poll, we discovered a curious fact: Ants ... Continue Reading →

DIY Presentation Apps Due for Maker Faire

Help! My favorite tech gadget has been phased out! Google Glass, despite its successful use in health fields, did not reach the popularity needed to succeed in the marketplace, and ... Continue Reading →